The Blowsion Surf Slam is one of the largest free ride events of the season located in the beautiful North West fishing village of Pacific City, Oregon. Jettribe started to attend the Blowsion Surf Slam 4 years ago and is proud to call the Blowsion crew close friends. We look forward to making the trip to this quaint village where a beautiful cottage is always waiting. Jettribe is stoked for the event and to hang out with old friends while making new ones in the process. Johnny, Scott, the Blowsion team, and fellow organizations leave spectators and riders wanting more with nothing but good things to say about the setup, location, and people.

This year we owe a huge thank you to George and Neil for helping the Jettribe Team park the Jettribe Rig on the really soft sand beach! It seems that they roll out the red carpet for Jettribe and know how to make the crew and new comers feel right at home and like family. We are always in awe at the turnout of the race and just how far some travel to attend one of the biggest and “baddest” free ride events. Riders will showcase their amazing talent and skills by performing some of the greatest gravity defying tricks and stunts in surf, which is said to rival surf of Hawaii.

We look forward to an even larger crowd because it seems that this sport is starting to erupt once again; we warmly welcome new racers and riders alike. Derek Correll flies out every year for this event, he is as stoked as rest of the Jettribe Crew to be a part of a spectacular event, and we expect an even larger crowd and participants. Please stay tuned for Daily on site updates from the Pacific City, Blowsion Surf Slam!