Exciting racing, Freestyle, figuring out SX-R issues, placement, friends, new products, and unpredictable weather are all the things great watercraft races are made of. Jettribe attending and reporting is also a constant at all major races around the world. The annual IJSBA West Coast Nationals, at the Bluewater Resort and Casino, in Parker Arizona, is one of the most attended events in the USA. This year was no exception. Here is the official story from our good friends at Jettribe:

Jettribe Best of the West Race Recap
Rounds 3 & 4 - Blue Water Casino
Parker, AZ - May 6th & 7th, 2017

Amazing racing and crazy weather is one way to summarize this past weekend's race at Blue Water Casino in Parker, AZ. Race officials had to set up the course in 106F+ heat on Friday, followed by 25MPH winds on Saturday.

While our Jettribe booth survived, we unfortunately saw a lot of canopies get trashed by the occasional strong gusts. However, the racers were unfazed by these difficulties and put on a tremendous show on the water.

Sunday the temperatures dropped to the 60's, so racers put on their tour coats and got to work. Besides a family of ducks trying to watch the race from the start line, each moto started smoothly.

We want to wish a special thanks to Ross and the staff of RPM Racing Enterprises for putting together yet another great event. Also, a big thanks to the staff of Blue Water Casino, and the emergency personal on hand who kept everyone in attendance safe.

Jettribe Team Riders

Jettribe Team Riders Charlie Martinez, Brent & Kyle Disney, Charles & Annie Simms, Renne Hill & Charles Anderson were all in attendance. We also made some new friends like David Zipperian, #48 P.Hill and many more amazing up-and-coming riders. We truly appreciate everyone who supports us both on and off the water!

Jettribe Best of the West Series
Rounds 5 & 6
July 15th & 16th, 2017 - Lake Elsinore, CA
The Lake Elsinore Open of Water X

More race information can be found at RPM Racing's website