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- Race Recap -
2017 Blowsion IJSBA World Finals
Lake Havasu, Arizona

The 2017 Blowsion IJSBA World Finals has come to an end and it was an amazing week! We put together the biggest Jettribe booth yet and we were stoked to see our dear friends from around the world.

Once again Jettribe Team Rider Gyorgy Kasza finished first in the GP Runabout, but followed closely by Jettribe Factory Rider James Bushell in 2nd place. Jettribe Factory Rider Trey Frame and Team Rider Charlie Martinez also finished in the top 10. Pro-Am Ski class saw Jettribe Team Rider Ulrik Bernsten in the Top 8. Brent Disney finished in the Top 16 in the World in Pro Am Ski stock.

Team Rider Tyler Hill became the World Champion in the Sport Spec class with his #1 finish, with Kyle Disney rounding out the Top 14. Team Rider Peter Zernik finished 2nd in Amateur Vet Ski GP. In Vintage Ski Charles Sims finished 5th and Annie Sims 16th. Charles Sims also went on to take 5th in Vintage X2. Women Runabout has Jettribe Factory Rider Kylie Ellmers in 1st, with Team Rider Renee Hill in 2nd. Kylie Ellmers also went on to get 5th in Pro-Am Womens Ski.

The final race of the event, Endurance Runabout Open, included three Jettribe riders in the Top 10. Aqsa Aswar earned 2nd place, with his brother Aero in a close 3rd. After fighting through a few setbacks, Christian D’Agostin still got a 10th place finish.

We are extremely proud of our Jettribe Team and how much hard work they put into getting to the Havasu World Finals. We look forward to watching them train in the off season, as they prepare for 2018.