April 19th- 21st was a great race weekend!

It could not have been a better weekend to be at the river for Racing in Parker, Arizona. It was a great weekend! "IJSBA has been flooded with messages which unanimously reported the event was a tremendous success. Nice job Blue Water, Ross, Blake, John, Sarge, and the rest of the team!" (ijsba.com).

They really did do a fantastic job! We had a beautiful view of the race site, friendly people to talk to during the day, racers who needed gear or forgot theirs. It was a good thing we were there to help them out. Two of our sponsored riders; Brock Austin and Charles Anderson placed! It is going to be great to watch them race this season, they did a great job and we could not be more proud!

It is all about the sport and it is unfortunate when someone does something to jeopardize that. Speaking of which, we were happy to have been there for Aaron and Nanette Sanchez who had their gear stolen the night before day one of racing. They both placed and we could not have been more exstatic when they recieved their awards! I have come to realize though that it is more than a sport or a group of people coming together to compete, it is more like a family. This is something that brings people from all over the world together. In fact, the race was broadcasted live over the internet and there were a reported 40,000 people viewing it all over the world! It's going to be a great season as we can tell from just the first couple races. Also keep an eye out for a Jettribe video that we shot at the race. We talk about the race, our products, interview one of our Sponsored riders and another rider who owns our gear! Remember to have fun and always be safe!