It was a fast and furious event this past weekend! "The 2013 US HydroDrag Nationals presented by RIVA Racing, HydroTurf, Jet Pilot, Exotic Signs, Vortech, Lacey Powersports. Lake country and the City of Tavares will feature three events…Tavares, West Palm Beach Country, and Tampa in their first full season" The First Round of the 2013 HydroDrag Nationals was a success! The turn out was spectacular, the speed of the racers was unparallel, and the site was beautiful! Mike Young is an awesome friend and announcer for the 2013 HydroDrag Nationals and Jerry Davis founder of for hosting such a cool event! The Jettribe Tour Rig traveled to the 2013 HydroDrag Nationals for first time in Tavares, Florida. This was a long ways from Southern California, and it sure was exciting to be a part of this event! We always are so exhilarated to have the trailer loaded with the greatest and latest PWC riding gear.

Jettribe is not new to the sport - we have run the IJSBA / UWP National tour for years, in addition to the West Coast Race Series, Jettribe Hydro X Series, Thailand King's Cup, Australian Watercross, Blowsion Surfslam, Daytona Freeride, Lake Havasu World Finals, Beijing China Race, Etc. But nothing could have prepared us for the Hydro Drag, this is totally a different kind of race. PWC’s that hit 103 miles per hour is like man breaking the sound barrier!

We would like to thank the new and old fans who stopped by the 2013 HydroDrag Nationals Jettribe booth and hung out with Derek Correll - the nicest and coolest guy you could ever meet. He raved about the site and cool die hard fans that he met that weekend! Derek Correl, Jettribe's Team member, loved the race site's conveniences of having the food vendors within arm's reach and the race action within a stone’s throw.

We would like to thank TV Producer Skip Fredricks with Almost Golf (a unique golfball that is made for short-range practice) for doing an interview with us. Plus, Skip held a golfing contest that combined with the watercraft sport to merge the two sports together. Thank you for the media lovin’ plugs on our Jettribe cutting edge gear: Interceptor Ex Life Vest, Sentinel Life vests, and Wetsuits.

We would also like to thank Rob Hoffman with LB Motorsports who rides with our Interceptor EX Life Vest and was willing to share his input with Jettribe. So keep a lookout for the video that he is producing about the 1st Round of HydroDrag Nationals and Jettribe. The conclusion is...we will definitely be going to the rest of the 2013 HydroDrag tour stops! We look forward to being at future Hydrodrag races.

Moving forward, we cannot wait until the next race at Wooton Park in West Palm Beach, Florida!

Results From Round 1:
800 R/A Slalom
1st Eric Lagopoulos

Open Runabout Slalom
1st. Troy Snyder
2nd. Eric Lagopoulos
3rd. Stan Hightower

Speed Alley Superstock
1st Ross "Nemo" Niemoeller
2nd. Abdullah Alfudhel

Speed Alley Hydro Unlimited
1st. Mikeal Gonzales. 100.6
2nd. Mikeal Gonzales. 95.9
3rd Carlos Conde. 93.2

Hydro N/A 2-Stroke
1st. Steven Oosterink

Hydro Pro Stock
1st. Troy Snyder
2nd. Stan Hightower
3rd Bianca Conde

Hydro Spec
1st. Kerry Hibdon
2nd. April Hibdon
3rd. Stan Hightower

Hydro Super Stock
1st. Kerry Hibdon
2nd. Abdullah Alfudhel
3rd. Stan Hightower

Hydro Unlimited
1st. Carlos Del Valle
2nd. Abdullah Alfudhel
3rd. Duke Zorn

For more event info, stay tuned to, RIVA, or the RIVA Racing HydroDrag Facebook page or contact Mike Young at :Mike Young DBA HydroDrag Racing Promotions

2013 Events Schedule:

June 1-2 Tavares, FL : US HydroDrag Nationals Round #1/PWC Week
August 24-25 WPB Co. : US HydroDrag Nationals Round #2
Aug 31- Sept 1 Acworth, GA : Georgia State Championships Love the Lake Fest
Sept 28-29 Tampa, FL : US HydroDrag Nationals Round #3***
Nov 2-3 Polk City, FL : RIVA Racing HydroDrag World Finals
Dec 7 St. Pete, FL : Mike’s Charity Poker Run

***denotes double points

Early registration will begin on May 1st, and there will be discounted rates for those who register in advance and those who are on time will not receive any late fees. However, if you register the night before or day of the event, there will be a $20 inconvenience fee charged per class.

2013 HydroDrag Weekend Schedule
Friday 9am-5pm Event set up
Friday 6pm-8pm Late registration/rider check-in
Friday 9pm-??? Welcome Party
Saturday 8am-9am Late registration/rider check-in
Saturday 9am Mandatory Riders Meeting for all competitors
Saturday 10am-12pm HydroDrag Practice (One turn on each side)
Saturday 12pm-1pm Blowsion Flatwater Freestyle Qualifying/Lunch
Saturday 1pm-5pm All HydroDrag Classes Qualifying to Top 4 in each Class
Sunday 10am Riders Meeting
Sunday 10:30am-12pm Waterfrontoo/IJSBA Slalom Competition
Sunday 12pm-1pm Blowsion Flatwater Freestyle Competition/Lunch
Sunday 1pm-2:30pm All HydroDrag Finals
Sunday 2:30-4pm Sea Doo Speed Alley Competition
Sunday 4:30pm Awards Ceremony
Sunday 5pm-8pm Event Load Out

Please go to the following website for any more information about the 2013 Hydrodrags: