If there is a major event, Jettribe is there.  This time they are at the 15th, and possibly last (but maybe not) Hot Products Mark Hahn 300.  Jettribe is always a major contributor to Personal Watercraft Racing and their reports and contributions are always appreciated.

This weekend on Saturday, February 23rd, the Hot Products Mark Hahn Memorial 300 endurance race will take off from the shores of the Crazy Horse Campground for the last time. For the past 15 seasons, this annual event has been one of the world's longest endurance races, and honors the late endurance rider Mark Hahn.

As always, this event is a true test of every rider and their machine! The race takes place at the same location as the IJSBA World Finals. After a “Le Mans” start, the rider must run to their ski after the shotgun is fired. They will compete to be the first to complete 30 laps of the 10-mile course. Last year, Jettribe Factory Rider Brock Austin finished 1st in the Stand-up Iron Man category. Team Riders Renee & Tyler Hill finished 6th overall, with Team Rider Jon Phan rounding out the top 10 overall teams. Team Riders Reese Maricich, Charles Anderson, along with Factory Rider Stian Schjetlein and Brand Ambassador Ulrik Berntsen from Norway will all be there to battle the intense competition this year.

We are sad to see an end to this grueling but rewarding race. Jettribe wants to thank everyone who works so hard to put together this event, which marks our start to the racing season every year. Special Thanks to Mike Follmer, Jim Russell, Ross Wallach and Rich Boell for your hard work overseeing this race.

Welcome riders to the start of the 2019 race season!

Best wishes and ride safe from the Jettribe Family.