The 2nd Stop of the Region 7 Jettribe Pro Hydro-X Tour, Presented by Sea-Doo, June 8-9th, 2013

America's Seaplane City, Tavares, Florida will once again be hosting the Jettribe Pro Hydro-X Tour, presented by Sea-Doo on June 8th-9th, 2013. Closed Course Racing on June 8-9th will be the wrap up of "Personal Watercraft Week" that kicks off June 1-2nd with RIVA Racing Hydrodrags.

Tavares, FL. is a great Central Florida racing location, and there are sure to be some great battles amongst the top riders in Region 7! I have to say that Tavares is quickly becoming one of the top host cities on the region 7 Tour. This year is the first year the host hotel will be on site. I can not believe the amount of construction that has taken place since 12 months ago when I was there racing. For those of you that have raced in Tavares in the past, you will be amazed!

Tavares, FL. boat ramp and event site

Tavares, Fl. Hotel

Tavares, FL. "Sand Bar"

Al’s Corner is the waterfront resort that has become the centerpiece for the Pro Hydro-X Racing Tour. With it’s “casual, eclectic atmosphere in historic downtown Tavares,” it’s brand new hotel, several dining options to choose from, a bakery and a couple places to enjoy a drink or two, you can come park for the weekend, race, relax and enjoy yourselves on Tavares’ Lake Dora!

As for the racing… we are expecting a great turnout for the weekend. We have several new racers coming out, and many that could not make our early season opener in Gulfport. Kevin Wassum of the Tampa Sea-Doo Crew and Sea-Doo’s ultimate fan will be racing his first ever closed course race, taking advantage of our “beginners race the first day for free” promotion. This is also the first round we will have the “Kaotik, Ramp of Doom” as it has become know, set up and integrated into the freestyle exhibition.  Special thanks go out to Watercraft Superstore/Blacktip and SBT for giving our Sea-Doo RXP ramp boat a facelift especially for this occasion 🙂

Early registration will wrap up at Al’s landing Friday night June 7th, and late registration will be at the Jettribe, Kaotik Products booth/trailer Saturday morning. Come check out some of the best racing and freestyle in the US June 8th, and stay for the weekend with the Jettribe Pro Hydro-X Tour, presented by Sea-Doo.

See you at the races!