Jettribe has reissued their race report with a correction to recognize Hot Products, the title sponsor of the 2018 Mark Hahn 300.

- Race Report -

Hot Products IJSBA Mark Hahn Memorial 300

- Retraction -
In our previous Rider report emails, we mistakenly omitted the name of the event title sponsor. We would like to apologize to Hot Products and all the sponsors and event organizers that help make events like the Hot Products IJSBA Mark Hahn Memorial 300 happen. Please check out their website and their Facebook for more information about their products and upcoming events.

Podium Report
It is a new day, and we have more winners to share from last weekend's Hot Products IJSBA Mark Hahn Memorial 300.

Jettribe Factory Rider Brock Austin placed 1st in the Iron Man category, completing 170 miles solo! Jettribe Team Rider Reese Maricich and teammate Tyler Shinko finished 1st in the stock 2 stroke standup class. Reese commented that "It was very cold and windy the first part of the race, so it made riding a stock standup very tough. As the race went on the wind died down and it made the 10 mile course a lot easier to race. Our lap time dropped a lot. Can't wait until next year."

Brock's huge accomplishment in the Iron Man is not only a testament to his strength, but to the strength of his entire crew - here is just some of Brock's report:

"Wow what a long day it's been! I raced my Polaris Octane today in the Mark Hahn Memorial Race and I finished 17 laps for close to a total of 170 miles in the Iron Man category (solo team). I followed some faster racers the first 2 laps and I ended up missing a buoy both laps, so I only got scored for 15 laps, but I don't race this race to win a trophy so scoring doesn't matter to me. I race this race as an Iron Man to push myself and my equipment to its limit and I feel like today I accomplished that.

Can't thank my team enough for the most incredible support out of any team out there! You guys pushed me all day long and I wouldn't have been able to make it as long as I did without their endless support!

Thank you to everyone that cheered me on at my last pit stop and pushed me to finish my last lap when I was ready to collapse! I felt so much love and support from some amazing people thank you so much!"

Photo Credits: Ken Gallagher Photography, Brock Austin,
Jim Maricich and Reese Maricich