IJSBA Has received the following message from Jettribe.  Jettribe stopped off at Round 1 of the Jetracer World Championship in Jakarta before heading to Korea.  Here is their news on their travels:


Jettribe International Team

Changwon International Motorboat Grand Prix 2019

South Korea

March 30, 2019





Jakarta, Indonesia is not the only location that Jettribe riders are traveling to this weekend. Jettribe was also invited to send international riders to South Korea for the 2019 Changwon International Motorboat Grand Prix. Each rider will represent their home country in the Pro Am Runabout Open class. Our amazing partners at Jettribe Korea will host US rider Valentina Lezcano @valeparking___, Aleksei & Yuliya Chernukha from Russia @kawasaki300, and Juan Lezcano will represent his home country of Argentina @juancryzlezcano. Nopphadon Supmunean from Jettribe Thailand, and Factory Rider Wu “Wudy” Ronghua and Liu Yicheng from Jettribe China will also be traveling with the Jettribe International Team to the race site in Changwon.


Jettribe believes in building the sport on an international level. We encourage our riders to travel around the world, doing what they do best and what they love. At the same time, they get to explore new places and help grow the race community. They make new friends on and off the water and create memories to last a lifetime. At Jettribe we truly believe this sport is an international race family, and we will help continue it to grow one rider at a time, one race at a time.


Brand Ambassador Valentina Lezcano had this to say about preparing for the race, and traveling with her brother Juan to South Korea:


“As the countdown begins to South Korea, the prepping and training gets a lot more intense. Putting my other skis aside and hoping on a whole new ski has been a game changer. The rush I have for this race is unreal! I’m excited, nervous and a little scared. But isn’t that racing in a nutshell? The prep hasn’t been easy, but I know it’s well worth it. I am truly blessed to be heading cross Atlantic for an amazing opportunity like this and doing it with my brother by my side? Heck yes! Lezcano duo forever!”


Follow #jettribe to watch the riders on their trip to Korea. The Jettribe staff will fly straight from Jakarta to meet up with the team later today. Stay tuned for photos and video about the amazing experience the International Team will have in South Korea.


Thank you again to Jettribe Korea @xwavekim for hosting this once-in-a-lifetime experience for our riders!