Another Jettribe European Jet Ski Championship is in the record books! We cannot put in words how honored we are to be the title sponsor of this event. We want to give many thanks to Peter De Smet with the IJSBA and his professional crew for putting together another awesome event.
The Jettribe European Championship is considered one of the most prestigious and highly competitive races in Europe. All the top riders from Europe and even some from overseas came to compete in this event.

We are proud of Jettribe Factory Rider Gyorgy Kasza who once again took 1st in Runabout Pro GP, and this year placed 1st in Runabout Pro-Am Veteran. Here told us:
“It was interesting, in Runabout Veteran all 3 on the podium are from Hungary and all of us were racing with jet-skis built by my team! We had some small technical issues, as-is regular in GP racing, but fortunately nothing could stop our team from getting the podium places.”

Jettribe Team Rider Erik Persson wrote us about the importance of never giving up: “The rec lite class was the biggest at this race with over 30+ competitors, and we had to qualify to run in the Championship.” After qualifying, the “1st moto I got to choose my place at the starting gate last, and I was at 11th place after the start. Got to work my way up the field and finished 7th place at the end of the race. The 2nd moto I had a better starting position and was 6th out on the first lap, and managed to take 2 positions and finished 4th. The 3rd and final moto, I had a great start running in 5th trying to pass for 4th. Got passed by Mattias Siimann in the split section and finished 6th. The result is that I’m 6th in Europe. I know I can do better, and I will be back for more.”

Jettribe Red Jersey Rider Casey Leech summarized her final Moto, “I got the hole shot again, but this time my ski was running perfect. I had a couple ace battles with 2nd place which put my riding to the test. It was one of the most challenging races that I have done to date! Unfortunately I won't be getting a podium as luck wasn't on my side, as I've had to retire from moto 2, but on the bright side I had a blast of a time gaining confidence riding, as well as getting to know some awesome riders!”


Jettribe Team Rider Eric Muelhausen told us about his great finish in Run Novice, “I won the first run with a holeshot…Good start. On the second run my jet turned off during the holeshot. I missed the first buoy and one lap down. Maybe I caught something in the intake grate, so I finished third. On the third run I had some technical problems and only finished second. Overall I finished Vice Champion in Runabout Stock Novice.”






More Top Jettribe Sponsored Rider Finishes:
Factory Rider Stian Schjetlein – 4th Ski Pro GP
Team Rider Ulrik Berntsen – 6th Ski Pro GP
Team Rider Filipe Filipe – 1st Endurance
Team Rider Bart Van den Bulcke – 10th SeaDoo Spark Rec Lites
Team Rider Carl Catlin – 10th Run N/A + Classic 2 Stroke
Supported Rider Bryan Chia - 11th SeaDoo Spark Rec Lites
Congratulations to all riders who participated at this year's event!
Special thanks to jetskiNWorld for the amazing event coverage and photos









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