IJSBA and Jettribe are proud to announce the return of sanctioned racing to the State of Texas through promoter activity and a pilot program to initiate small competition clubs throughout the state.  Jettribe will be facilitating an event in Sulphur Springs, with the help of an out of state promoter, to get things started.  This event will serve as the IJSBA Texas State Slalom Championship and a Freestyle Competition.  This event will also feature a summit to announce Jettribe’s support for the formation of competition clubs throughout the state. 


  IJSBA has been floating the concept of this pilot program for some time in an attempt to get more formality to local ride groups and to help bring safe and organized competition to areas where the current promotion may be difficult due to regional and/or economic conditions.  Clubs would be required to be a recognizable entity and would need to meet specific sanctioning guidelines to be recognized.  However, once these guidelines were met, a “pocket series” could count as one of the two required World Finals eligibility events when the same competitors participated in an official event in the same region.  In addition to Jettribe, other former IJSBA Sanctioned Promoters in the Texas region are being consulted as to how to make this a possibility.  Jettribe will be assisting this development in Texas with opportunities of their own.


Please stay tuned to IJSBA.com for more details shortly.  We hope that this event in Texas will be a great low cost first gathering after this whole pandemic clears up.  The Sulphur Springs event was originally planned for May 16th and is still expected to happen by Mid Summer.