Jettribe is excited about the upcoming Martinique Jet Race this weekend - April 15 through 17. Located on the tropical island of the French Caribbean, with friendly people, gourmet cuisine, museums and world famous rum distilleries, we cannot imagine a more ideal setting for a PWC Race.

This endurance offshore race will last throughout 3 days, riding through warm waters (25c/ 77F) as well as beautiful scenery. But the great location still will have its challenges. Each day the racers need to complete the 124 miles (200km) for a total of 372 miles (600km) of endurance riding, with only 1 fuel stop per day.

Friday, the racers embark from the Martinique Capital, Fort de France. Saturday the pilots ride to St. Anne in the South, and by the end of the race will arrive in historic Saint-Pierre, the location of Mount Pelee in the north, where the rough waters make for the most challenging part of the course.

The race is co-sponsored by Jettribe, and we are proud to be part of the race organized by Peter DeSmet (IJSBA – Europe). This race should prove to be an awesome event. Jettribe gear has also made it to the Martinique Island, thanks to Peter –we appreciate all your help! IJSBA President, Scott Frazier, will also be in attendance, along with the representative of the Russian Federation IJSBA, Marina Leonova.

Wishing the best of luck to our friends, Team Portugal!

We are looking forward to the results of the Second Martinique Jet Race, and hope this will soon be an annual event.