The Jettribe sponsored crew recently hit an exhibition show in China. We don’t normally post news about unsanctioned exhibitions, but it is late at the office, with no energy left to ponder it, when this release came in, and, if you rearrange the letters in the headline you can spell "IJSBA," so, we will let this one slide.

Jettribe Freestyle Riders

in Exhibition Show in China.

June 1 2014

JETTRIBE 2014 Freestyle Team Ridersperform in Freestyle Exhibition in China.

From the Jettribe FreestyleTeam, Kelly Hieke-Jenson, ICEMAN and Eli Kemnitz, goes to China to show of Freestyle skills.

In the face of heat, humidity and no race fuel... The Jettribe Freestyle riders performed, wrenched with and met many local riders whom all share one passion - Jetskis and High octane fuel!

Here's what Kelly had to say about participating in the dragon boat festival"We were blessed with the opportunity to participate in a 2,000 year old Chinese celebration called the Dragon Boat Festival. This is a 3 day national holiday honoring the Chinese poet, Qu Yuan (340-278 BC), which occurs on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month each year. We rode freestyle for the very large crowd, (including government officials!) and Chinese Television stations at the tail end of a parade of our new Chinese jet skiing family. There were fish jumping for joy with us which was funny, but I was a little worried I would suck one into my pump! Crisis averted thankfully. Being involved in a 2,000 year old tradition which is observed by the custom of boating was an honor beyond any I have ever received."

After a second day of performances in a different location, Kelly had this to say "It was incredible to witness how two very different cultures, with different languages, histories, oceans and faces can share common ground and information related to our 2 stroke passion! The braaaap! experience seals the gap of any cultural difference one could imagine. Our physical traits are different, but our blood is the same. High Octane.

I am so grateful to the JETTIBE CLAN for this amazing opportunity for my own growth and insight into the quiet storm of Personal Watercraft around the globe! My head is still spinning!"

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