If you don't know who Jetskinworld is, they are a very passionate group of journalists who happen to love PWC Racing.  They especially love IJSBA PWC Racing and that makes them great people to us. So, we are willing to post these neat graphics even though they don't send us any copy to go with it... I mean it doesn't even link a web page.  But, it looks good so we will make our own story to go with it.  Nysa is this very comfortable and friendly town in Poland where Peter DeSmet puts on Europe's version of a Lake Havasu competition.  We also like it that the graphic has a design very similar to the Ludwig Vistalite drums that John Bohnam used with Led Zeppeling (your Managing Director plays a set..... poorly).    Ok, Jetskinworld sends these pictures every couple of days maybe next time we wont have to wing it when we post it.