IJSBA just received this news from Jet Renu, a vendor at the 2015 quakysense World Finals.  These protective products are a must for keeping your PWC clean and beautiful in the Lake Havasu City heat!

The Jet Renu line has evolved into a Universal Product Line covering Both Watercraft & Motorsports giving the consumer a great bang for their buck!

Jet Renu has reengineered two of our products Anti-Fog for to sustain heavy persperation and our bestselling #1 product Pink + it can sustain high levels of heat, meaning the Arizona hot sun!


Our newest marketing campaign has been directed towards our New “Jet Paks” Available only at dealers near you.

These Paks have been created & designed for our Watercraft Athletes in mind. Each Pak consist of 3 products along with 2 microfiber towels & applicator and all of our products are available in refill gallon sizes as well.

Essential Pak – Purple, Pink+, Protector
Cleaner Pak – Green, Yellow, Purple
Restoration Kit Pak – C1, C2, C3
Moto Pak – Dri Wash, Protector, Spray shield

Jet Renu will be raffling off one of these $200.00 value buckets at the end of each exhibitor day during The World Finals!