Jet Lift is the official PWC tote and stand manufacturer of the IJSBA and the 2014 Jettribe World Finals.  Jet Lift, and their sister company Swift Lift, make the world’s leading modular design systems to remove watercraft (and other vessels) from the water.  Their products also include tote systems, shop carts, store displays, and much more.  What is most amazing, about the Jet Lift and swift lift systems, is the manner in which their modular system, with pinch block locking components, allows for infinite uses.


Jet Lift’s “Swift Skin” allows for low drag loading and unloading while protecting the lift system and the hull of the watercraft.  Jet Lift’s tote construction allows for quick change between beach wheels and castor wheels at the touch of the button.


It is because of the portable nature of Jet Lift that its components are used to make a device which lowers and retrieves the Pro Freestyle watercraft into the London Bridge Channel for the Blowsion Expression Session.  The Freestyle competition would be nearly impossible to pull off without Jet Lift.  Come see it for yourself at this year’s World Finals on Saturday, October 11, at 6:00PM in front of the London Bridge Resort.

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