Greetings from Paraccas, Peru.  Day Five of the 2014 World Inka Jetraid Championship is now complete.  There are only three days remaining of this challenging competition.

Please note, only the overall points through Day Five are available due to the need to calculate how fuel penalties affect individual classes.  Download the Day Five Overall results here:  InkaDay5OverallOnly


Day Five, of the event, showed a lot of reinvigoration.  Many riders had repaired their watercraft and there were now 21 individual PWC back on the line at the start.  The officials responded by increasing the amount of course marshals and patrol boats, as well as adding additional communication equipment, to respond for the return volume in riders.


The momentum of energy from riders and staff was briefly halted when the local gas station ran out of 97 octane fuel and a truck had to be sent from Pisco, with 1000 liters, to accommodate the competitors.  This seemed almost like a taunt to the riders because they would not be able to use much of the fuel.  Riders were allowed to carry an additional can of fuel during Heat One but would be penalized one position if the used any of it.  The idea of the first heat was to test the riders’ ability to win while conserving fuel and limiting the run to one tank- which was possible if you did not run wide open throttle the whole time; quite a challenge to racers who prefer to keep the lever pinned.  5 riders ended up being penalized in heat one.

Here is the overview of today.  Remember, you can get more details at

Heat One: An Offshore 100KM race, from the San Augustin bay to the candelabra mountain: 4 laps

Winner- Manuel Cherichi

Heat Two:  Oval of six laps: 20 minutes before giving the leader the checkered flag.

Winner- Alain Martin

Heat Three:  Closed Course, six laps, same as oval but tighter and with more buoys.

Olya Antunyuk (Russia)

Heat Four:  Endurance Race: 30 Minutes triangle inside Paracas Bay

Bulek Ninnopparat from Thailand


The overall for a Lexus Cup was:

F1:  Alain Martin

F2:  Manuel Cherichi

F3: Vincent Thomas (with teammates Kiko Chia and Eric Francis)

Tomorrow starts with the longest of the race of the 130KM Paraccas to Cerra Azul nonstop.



Riders gather in the morning of Day Five to prepare for Heat One




A larger field of riders heads out to start Heat One of Day Five




The leader of Heat One, Day Five, comes around the pier to the turnaround buoy.



The start of the Oval portion of Day Five of the 2015 Inka Jetraid




Bruno Casa gives the checkered flag for the Oval portion of Day Five.




Bruno Casa conducts the riders briefing to prepare the riders for the next day's events.





Lexus awarded these beautiful Lexus Cup awards to overall points winners from the combined last three heats of Day Five.