Attention Freestyle Competitors:

Due to concerns regarding Pro Freestyle upper decks, the following will be the method of regulating aftermarket top decks.

IJSBA Rule 9.2.2 States

Pro Freestyle ONLY: The top deck of freestyle craft may be modified or aftermarket, providing the following: The top deck must resemble the original top deck of the homologated watercraft; length and width of top deck must be within 13mm (0.50 in) of the original component; the craft must function as originally intended. Fuel fillers may be relocated internally.

The top deck must resemble the homologated PWC which was selected to create a Modified Class PWC for Pro Freestyle competition.  To determine whether the top deck resembles the original homologated PWC the silhouette method will be used.  The test will be whether the modified top deck significantly deviates from the silhouette of the OEM machine.

A drastic deviation from the outline of the original PWC will be considered a violation.  If the deviation comes into question, an independent jury of five persons will be selected from outside of the PWC industry.

This jury will be comprised of local citizens not familiar with PWC racing as to bring about an opinion based on an objective view of whether the modified top deck resembles the original top deck.

Pro Freestyle PWC will be subjected to pre technical inspection and post competition inspection.  Pro Freestyle competitors will be required to keep their PWC on the beach in public view until the Race Director informs the competitors which persons need to bring their PWC to final technical inspection.

Competitors must take their PWC directly to inspection by shore.  There will be a maximum amount of five minutes permitted to check the PWC in at technical inspection.

Please email any questions or concerns