If you drive across Lake Havasu City's famous London Bridge then you will see the 2023 Short Block Technologies WGP-1 World Finals already taking shape.  Lake Havasu City has generously hanged this banner over the bridge to welcome everyone to our event Crazy Horse Campgrounds (special thanks to Hot Products for the banner).  Additionally, Lake Havasu City will light the bridge up in red, white, and blue on Saturday, October 7, for the Blowsion Big O Tires Under The Bridge Freestyle Show.  This is to indicate the pride they have in hosting the 42nd World Finals.  Over at Crazy Horse, the IJSBA trailer has been delivered and the course is taking shape. We are excited for the show to start.  IJSBA office staff will be en route this week.  Next stop will be check in on September 30 at the lobby of Studio 6 Hotel right across from the entrance to the race site.  See you in a few days.