General FAQs

When Are The World Finals Held?

The IJSBA World Finals are typically held in early October each year.

Where Are The World Finals Held?
The IJSBA World Finals are held at Crazy Horse Campgrounds and Resort in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA. The address to the venue is 1534 Beachcomber Blvd. Lake Havasu City, Arizona, 86403. A custom stadium environment is purpose built on the shoreline of the park to create a unique watercraft experience.

How Do I Compete In The World Finals?
Competitors must hold an IJSBA Competition License from their country of citizenship and participate in a required amount of events during the year to be eligible to participate in the World Finals. The minimum amount of events, for United Stated license holders is two. A list of upcoming events is available by clicking here.

Where Do I Stay While Attending The World Finals?
IJSBA partners with several lodging partners. Accommodation partners include the following categories: Luxury, Standard, Convenience, Efficiency, and Economy. The World Finals standard lodging partner accepts reservations at least a month prior to the event. See more information here.

What Competition Categories Are Offered At The World Finals?
Competition Classes range from Pro to several offerings for the hobbyist sportsman. A complete class list is available here.

Is There A Schedule Of Events For The World Finals?
A detailed schedule will be offered near the start of World Finals. The full schedule can be found here once published.

2023 IJSBA World Finals FAQs

1. Are we required to run the on site fuel?

No. You are not required to run the fuel sold on site. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that the fuel you bring complies with IJSBA rules. We suggest that you use VP fuel because we know it complies with IJSBA regulations and tests accurately under a correctly administered examination.

2. Am I eligible to compete in the 2023 World Finals?

Competitors from the United States must have a valid IJSBA membership and have competed in two IJSBA Sanctioned Rounds in 2023. These rounds maybe take place on the same weekend (i.e. Round 1 Saturday, Round 2 Sunday). Hardships may be granted for competitors who regularly compete in World Finals and local events by showing extenuating circumstances. Competitors from outside of the United States must be a member of an IJSBA Affiliated Organization in their country or have formed an IJSBA Competition Club. Theses affiliated entities must be capable of verifying your skill level and experience. These entities generally set the criteria for rider eligibility.

3. Are there restrictions on participating in the 2023 World Finals?

Yes. IJSBA must protect the identity of our event which has run for 42 consecutive years. We cannot control who does what outside of our own organization and outside events are normally not our concern. At the same time, we cannot run the risk of public confusion for incidents that make take place on Lake Havasu during the time the World Finals is in operation. Therefore, the World Finals will not accept competitors who participate in any event not organized and insured by IJSBA, on Lake Havasu, during the period of September 29-October 8. There are no punishments implied by this policy, IJSBA has always maintained a policy that competitors can run wherever they want even where other entities do not reciprocate. However, given the potential for rival events to be confused, and for that confusion to trigger coverage from IJSBA’s insurance due to overlapping dates, IJSBA must make this protective decision at this time.

4. I am listed as a [novice, expert, pro] skill level, what classes may I run?

If you are listed as a novice, you may run any novice or amateur class. If you are an expert, you may run any expert, amateur, or pro am class. If you are listed as a pro, you may only run pro or pro-am classes. You may enter to participate in any class which you qualified and request to be an alternate for any class which you are eligible. IJSBA reserves the right to determine whether a competitor is participating within the skill level they

5. What authorities am I subject to at the IJSBA World Finals?

The IJSBA World Finals is a private event. Competitors contract with the IJSBA to participate in this event and are subject to IJSBA Rules, Policies, and Guidelines. The event is under the jurisdiction of Lake Havasu City Law Enforcement and all Lake Havasu City government administrative entities (Environmental Health, Business Licensing, etc.). The on-the-water portion of the event is under the jurisdiction of Lake Havasu City, Mohave County, the United States Coast Guard, and the United States Bureau of Land Management (mostly for the land underneath the water). Navigational rules and requirements, normally in place on the lake, are suspended within the permitted perimeter of the event. Competitors traveling outside of the perimeter are subject to the full authority of all agencies. Competitors within the perimeter must abide by the rules placed on IJSBA, by these entities, as a condition of for competing. Specific rules are presented below and may be increased up on during the event.

6. Where can I get honest and accurate information regarding the World Finals and other IJSBA activities?

You can find frequent press releases and contact information on the website. It is the IJSBA policy to foster communication with riders, promoters, the various affiliate members, and the public. Please feel free to call or email us with your questions and comments. Only information that comes directly from IJSBA should be considered accurate as pertaining to the event.