Admission Information

The 2016 quakysense World Finals is admission free for the spectator and trade show areas of the event.

Since 2006, the IJSBA World Finals has been an admission free environment. There are no fees for attendees to enter the spectator or trade show portion of the event.  Parking and pit access are subject to the following charges:

There is no charge for parking on Monday or Tuesday. Parking is $15.00 per car per day Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Parking is $20 on Saturday and Sunday. All cars must vacate the parking area by 7:30 PM each night. The parking lot will be locked by 8:00 PM nightly. Cars left overnight will be subject to tow. Weekly parking passes will be available for $45.00 until Saturday when the price will adjust to $40.00 for a weekend pass.

Pit passes are $50.00. Only a limited amount of pit passes are available to purchasers other than registered competitors. Any person, aged 7 or above, or over 40 inches tall must have a pit pass to enter the pit.  Persons under 7 years old or under 40 inches in height, who do not have a pit pass, must be accompanied by an adult when passing into the pit area.  Pit parking passes are $50.00.  Additional Pit Parking passes do not allow trailer parking unless authorized by IJSBA.

Pit parking passes are only available to registered competitors.