IJSBA is pleased to announce the newest IJSBA Affiliate, The Haiti Watercraft Group.  Led, by Calherbe Monel, they have an ambitious first year in mind.  The pinnacle of their inaugural year will be the Haiti International Jetski Fest held July 20-21 in Cap-Haitien.  

Cap-Haitien has a rich history in Haiti.  Formerly the capital of the nation, Cap-Haiten continues to preserve the reputation as the cultural and educational hub of Haiti.  Haiti, itself, is a refresher in elementary school subjects of geography and history.  Haiti shares the Island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic.  Hispaniola is, notably, the landing location of Christopher Columbus marking modern mankind's concept of the New World and the first celebration of Christmas in the American Continents.  All wonderful things to discuss, at some point, but the point of this posting is to announce an amazing IJSBA Sanctioned Personal Watercraft event.

The Haiti Watercraft Group looks forward to hosting a formal competition as well as a sportsman event.  This year will also bring forth a component competition in the state of Florida.  IJSBA will be bringing news to the community very soon as well as news about how this fits into our greater expansion in the Caribbean.