Greetings to the Personal Watercraft Community.  We are about 2 ½ weeks until the first day of check in for the 2020 VP Racing Fuels World Finals.  Today, September 13 has the event still moving in positive direction with entries coming in, including some international registration, and the event planned to happen as a 5 day competition program.  There are lots of points to go over as we start settling in to how this 39th World Finals will end up coming together.  So, without a long introduction, please share the following news with your friends and colleagues in the PWC Racing Family.


  Weekly Disclaimer:  This wont be a normal World Finals.  The IJSBA World Finals is the largest Personal Watercraft event on planet earth.  The event is the original World Championship and also serves as the world’s trade show and fair for all PWC performance and lifestyle products.  In the COVID-19 pandemic environment, the normal World Finals we are all used to cannot be produced.  However, IJSBA has been granted permission to produce a significantly sized down skeleton event so long as proper mitigation measures are observed.  IJSBA believes it is in the best interest of the sport, and PWC performance industry, to maintain the continuity of racing to have a 2020 World Championship even if comes down to just doing the bare bones race itself.  If you plan on participating in the 2020 VP Racing Fuels World Finals, please be fully aware that you will not be coming to a World Finals you are accustomed to.  Most amenities will not be offered at the event.  Social distancing, masks, and temperature checks will be in place at the event.  Fortunately, VP Race Fuels will be providing a heavy supply of PPE, including their own produced commercial hand sanitizer to help keep us safe and compliant.  The racing part of the event is the core of World Finals, and we can continue on with our athletic endeavor under these circumstances just like every other major sport has done so long as we do it safely.  We will make this announcement every week.

  1. US National Champion currently underway. As this bulletin is being typed, the US National Championships are being held in Parker, Arizona.  The turnout was quite solid.  Due to the fact that the regularly scheduled National Championships had to be cancelled, this event was awarded the National Championship designation.  All competitors will be allowed to run the US Ranking number at the 2020 World Finals.  The National Championships will return to the East Coast in 2021.  The success of this event buttresses the factors leading to the decision to hold the World Finals.
  2. Entries have started to come in. Early registration has closed.  Tomorrow, standard preregistration will begin with online and printable forms.  Preregistration will take place until midnight September 29th.  Beginning September 30, only onsite registration will be available.  Onsite incurs higher fees due to the staffing costs required to process registration and make changes to the schedule.  While entries are down, so far (and lets face it, they will be), they aren’t down too bad and the range of approximately 2.2 entries per competitor is being maintained. 
  3. Class Cancelations. At the end of next week, IJSBA will make a list of any classes facing cancelation due to low participation numbers so the participants can rally support or make alternative plans.  IJSBA will also note which classes will run regardless of numbers and which classes will close at specific numbers.
  4. Payouts are suspended until such time as we have adequate entries and fulfilled industry support to offer cash disbursements.  However, all Pro classes will receive some degree of monetary award even if it cash credit for future entries.  Trophies and number plates will be provided, as normal, with production happening just a week prior to the event (which is why we need accurate class counts and cannot produce trophies for classes with minimal entries).  There will be no award ceremonies this year.  Instead, awards will take place, on the beach, at the venue each day.
  5. No Riding In The Channel. Each year, our World Finals permit, issued from the US Coast Guard, is subject to review, comment, objection, and request for restrictions from more than 50 regulatory agencies.  This year, the Mohave County Sheriff Marine Patrol has asked that we do more to prevent racers from entering the channel between Crazy Horse Campground and Windsor Beach.  This is a primary traffic area for the casino boats, tour boats, and pretty much all boats that want to come under the bridge and dock for the restaurants and attractions.  Occasionally, competitors testing and tuning their PWC, have entered into the channel traffic area, outside of our permitted area, and sometimes use the no wake markers as a practice turn buoys.  Our permit requires that we fine competitors who we see doing this and show proof of such fines when shown pictures of offering incidents.  This year, we are asked to cut down on this significantly to the goal of total eradication.  So, please help us stay in the good graces of our hosts and lets all make an effort to prevent further intrusion in the channel.  We will discuss this more at the riders’ briefing (along with enhanced penalties for not complying).
  6. Vendors and exhibitors. The vendor list is growing at the trade show portion of the 2020 World Finals.  Like competitors, vendors are subject to COVID 19 mitigation measures.  Vendors must space at least 10 feet apart and must take specific steps to sanitize objects and surfaces that may be contacted by multiple persons.   We are working with the current and planned vendors to finalize a preliminary site plan and will release this to the public as soon as it is in beta form.  All vendors receive substantial discounts for 2020. 
  7. We have the very best staff attending World Finals.  Regular Scoring, Tech, Course Marshals, and Race Directors are coming to ensure the best application of rules and safety.  They are coming knowing that conditions will be tough and the amount of work days may be heavily reduced.  A lot of risk and sacrifices are being made to pull this event off for you.  Please come conscious that everyone is bringing their very best to support the sport and, in some cases personal loss and expense, to support an ongoing World Finals. 
  8. Pits, placement, and camping. Normally, we are not allowed to have camping in the pits.  However, this year there will be an exception allowed for a nominal fee after the execution of a special waiver form.  Regular pit entry will not begin until the late afternoon of Sunday, October 4.  VIP and teams designated by principal event sponsors may enter the pits early but may only drop trailers- no support areas may be set up until general entry has been opened.  Teams with 5 persons or more who agree to share a pit space and parking pass may qualify for early placement. Please contact IJSBA at the email below for more information.

  This concludes this update.  For questions or comments on any items listed here or for general questions about the 2020 VP Race Fuels World Finals, please email