IJSBA plans to make a weekly update, every week, prior to the 2020 VP Racing Fuels World Finals.  There should be 5 more updates.  As we get closer to the dates, it will be more important to be aware of special information for this very regulated event.  We are hearing from a lot of you and it sounds like there is going to be a respectable turnout given the global circumstances.  Therefore, we request you read each update, in full, so we can properly execute all of the measures necessary to keep everyone safe and healthy during the competition.  Please share the following news with your friends and colleagues in the PWC Racing community.

  First, is the disclaimers which we will repeat at every update:  This is a controlled event taking place during a global pandemic.  All persons attend and participate in this event at their own risk knowing that there could be a chance of infection even under the most controlled circumstances.  Permission to attend this private event is expressly conditioned upon the agreement to adhere to all precautionary requirements that are in place at the time of World Finals including the use of masks, social distancing, and regular use of hand sanitizers.  This World Finals will be run as a low impact skeleton event where amenities will be far less than a normal World Finals.  We reserve the right to restrict spectators as necessary to ensure safety and reduce risk.  The IJSBA World Finals is a guest of Lake Havasu City, Go Lake Havasu, and the Crazy Horse Campgrounds; we will meet and exceed the expectations set for us to have a safe event.

  Second, we are starting to release preliminary scheduling plans for the competition.  These plans are always tentative and, even where a particular event has been firmly scheduled for a particular day, restarts, course designs, weather, and other incidents could cause changes to the order throughout the day.  We will already be dealing with an unusual set of circumstances due to mitigation measures.  Last year, we got hit with a brutal windstorm.  In years past there have been earthquakes and all kinds of other crazy environmental disruptions.  The way this rotten year has been going, we should expect anything.  The point is to be prepared for changes even though we will do our best to maintain the schedules that we post as we get closer to the event.  Competitors are highly advised to check the schedules regularly and send us comments about any conflicts.  Ultimately, we recommend that competitors ,try to be at the venue this whole time, this year more than any other year.

  Third, we have a very experienced staff scheduled for the 2020 VP Fuels World Finals.  Our regular race directors, course marshals, staging managers, and technical inspectors are slated to return.  Some officials are coming for international locations so we are dependent on their ability to travel to the United States.  On water staffing, such as course marshals and perimeter patrol, will remain at normal levels.  Ground staffing is going to be slightly thinned out this year and we are asking for your patience and cooperation to successfully manage this competition with the resources available during strenuous times.  This means working with delays, accepting restrictions, and most of all doing your part to foster a courteous and respectful environment as everyone will be wound pretty tight.  Staff and officials will also be doing their best to bring this same positive attitude.  We will be having regular briefings on how to preserve the best level of cooperation and decorum.  Please take time to brief with your team on the best way for us all to accomplish the goal of a happy and successful event.  Tension only creates more tension.  The best way to avoid escalating conflict is to simply prevent conflict to begin with.

   Fourth, we are starting to see our list of vendors and exhibitors grow.  While a healthy vendor turnout makes the event look more like a normal World Finals, all vendors will be required to meet strict guidelines as imposed by the State of Arizona and Mohave County as well as the best practices as defined by IJSBA.  Distancing and sanitization will be mandatory throughout the tradeshow portion of the World Finals.  Be prepared to observe reduced customer presence, at a single time, in booths.  Garments that have been tried on may not be stocked.  Items, such as sunglasses and small handheld accessories being examined by customers bust be sanitized between customers.  Larger items, such as display PWC, must be wiped down, regularly, with a sanitizing solution.  Food tables will be spaced out and tables may only be shared by persons in the same family/team pod/social bubble.  Food vendors will adhere to county set mandates.

  Fifth, registration will open next week.  Discretionary classes which no not receive adequate pre entries will need to be eliminated from the program this year.  IJSBA will not be able to wait for onsite registrations as trophies will need to be ordered in advance and without adequate rider counts, these awards will not be ordered.  IJSBA will make announcements of pending cancelations in adequate time for participants to encourage other competitors to register and preserve the category for racing.

  Finally, check in plans will soon be announced.  We are planning one extending registration through Monday, October 5 with first practice and water activity to take place on Tueday.  The first riders' briefing is scheduled for Monday afternoon.  It is likely no pits will be allowed to set up until Sunday afternoon to prevent a surge on registration.  VIP and factory teams may be allowed early rig placement but there shall be no setting of tents, pitting, or riding allowed.  IJSBA is seeking limited exceptions for pit camping.  Please stay tuned for more information on this but do not yet count on any pit camping opportunities.

This concludes this weekly update.  For questions or comments, please email info@ijsba.com