National things are wonderful.  National Rental Cars provides great value auto rentals at locations all around the USA (despite some 1990 era PWC Racers wreaking havoc on the rental car industry).  Hebrew National Hot Dogs are tasty snacks (for those of you who are not on high blood pressure sodium restricted diets).  National toll free call cell phone plans allow us stay in contact with one another at all hours of the day without financial barriers (especially great for those of you who have your IJSBA President's personal number and are blowing him up at 7:00 PM to ask for clarifications for something that could totally wait a couple days).  IJSBA has an exciting USA National Championship system.  This posting is about clarifying the 2024 IJSBA USA National Championship System.

IJSBA is the world's sanctioning and governing authority for Personal Watercraft Racing.  IJSBA invented the sport in the mid 1970s and, in 1982, created the very first Personal Watercraft World Championship.  The IJSBA USA National Championship has been a well challenged title to be earned for decades.  IJSBA sanctions a championships in the PWC Competition disciplines primarily in Freestyle, Closed, Course, Endurance, and Slalom.  Championships are earned in many divisions like Runabout, Ski, Vintage, Sport and in categories such as Pro, Womens, Junior, Veteran, etc.


In 2024, IJSBA is sanctioning National Championships as follows: Freestyle, Junior Closed Course, Closed Course, Junior Closed Course, and P1 Aqua X.  Most of the 2024 IJSBA Sanctioned National Championships were announced here:  IJSBA To Release Three National Events For 2024 To Be Presented At 2023 World Finals - IJSBA.  Freestyle National Championships can be found here:  Homepage - 2023 US Freestyle Championship (  P1 Aqua X Championship information can be found here:  P1 AquaX - The Worlds Fastest Growing Jet Ski Competition - P1 AquaX.  Results from these events are the events where respective competitors can claim their national ranking for 2024.  Geographical names such as Western Nationals may convey that the event intends to canvas a specific part of the country for a special event but do not convey specific championships or ranking.  If there are further announcements about any changes or developments in IJSBA's National Championship allocation system, it will be posted on IJSBA.COM.  If you have any questions about IJSBA's USA National Championship system, please email (instead of calling).