GP or not GP.  This is the question.  Shakespear’s Hamlet once posed a similar rhetoric in contemplation of whether to endure intrinsic unfairness and unpleasantness or to commit to an eternity of inaction.  We have an answer, for the next year Runabout Open Rules will include a GP provision.  We will explain why: Nearly a decade ago, IJSBA removed Runabout GP rules from our sanctioned program indicating that Runabout Watercraft would stick to a path keeping a closer relationship between the original donor PWC and the modified end product than what is allowed in the most elite class of the Ski division.    There is no record of this being a problem until, recently, where, apparently, there is recurring conflict between what the rules say and what people want them to say.  Simply put, some of the gatekeepers of information have inadvertently approved watercraft that were not eligible for competition sending numerous participants to replicate these watercraft to be competitive. 

Competitors have, literally, hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in these elite Runabout watercraft.  While the rules have been posted clearly, competitors have also been advised of contrary information by persons placed in the position to give that advice.  IJSBA is not going to allow another situation where competitors are using equipment approved by ground administrators only to be surprised at another event that the equipment is not compliant.  At the same time, 2024 is going to be a year where we instill a responsibility to get correct information directly from IJSBA and strictly enforce what is printed in the rules.  Last year, we recognized a sunset period for Ski equipment that was approved by contract staff that did not comply with rule book provisions.  We have a similar situation where Runabouts have been allowed, to large extents, which comply with outdated rules.  IJSBA is going to place a similar sunset period for these watercraft to continue in use.  Below is IJSBA’s plan to integrate GP named classes using IJSBA’s Open Class Rules.  Through 2024 all IJSBA Sanctioned Affiliates will be required to affirmatively communicate with their competition members that the current rules are the only rules used for sanctioned competition.


IJSBA will continue to use Open rules as the most elite category of Runabout division racing.  The Open Class Rules, as now posted, contains a provision to use the GP class name.  In order to reduce confusion and pave a clearer path to integrating all rules and classes globally, we are going to focus on this single class and evolve it to fit all of the options that have been offered with provisions greater than allowed in Superstock.  This will be the most elite Runabout Class on the 2024 IJSBA WGP-1 World Series as well as the 2024 Short Block Technologies WGP-1 World Finals.  Watercraft which were deemed eligible in 2023, which were configured with top decks from one OEM brand and engines from another OEM brand will be allow to continue to be used through the end of 2024.  Please see the posted Runabout Open/GP Rules now posted in the Rule Book section of


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