IJSBA is alerting the PWC Competition Community on progress relating to moving from a 900cc displacement rule to a rule allowing for a 1200cc displacement.  IJSBA published a notice on December 20, 2021 announcing a potential 2023 implementation to meet our goal of a one year notification period prior to making a major change in rule allowances.  This notice can be found here:  IJSBA Rules Notice: Intent Change Amateur Freestyle Displacement To 1200 – IJSBA.  IJSBA has received significant feedback on the subject and now can provide guidance to the community on the direction we expect to head for 2023.  

Feedback on the subject has been divided.  A nearly equal amount of persons from the community have supported a change for the increase in displacement to 120ccc as has opposed the change.  IJSBA will convene a Freestyle Summit at the 2022 Jettrim World Finals where IJSBA will recommend that a rule is created where a 1200cc displacement is allowed so long as there are certain restrictions to handicap the performance so that a 1200cc displacement freestyle watercraft cannot outperform a 900cc displacement watercraft of the same type.  The participants at the summit will discuss all options and come to a resolution to submit to the IJSBA Board of Directors for resolution.  IJSBA will post notices on how to register as a participant for this summit when the preliminary schedule for the 2022 World Finals is posted.

For questions or comments regarding this bulliten, please email info@ijsba.com.