IJSBA Update: Less Than Ten Days To World Finals


  Summer is over.  The last day was yesterday.  Students have returned to school, we have celebrated the Autumn Moon Festival with tea and those yummy moon cakes, the color of leaves are starting to turn to colors that introduce us to the desert hues and tones we will soon see in Lake Havasu City.  Culturally, IJSBA extends Summer by two and a half weeks by bringing you the World Finals as the ultimate end of Summer celebration.  Physically, the lack of light, at 6:30 in the morning, is a reminder to the working IJSBA staff that Fall is here.  Please share the following news with your friends and colleagues in the PWC Racing Family.


1.        Pre-Registration.

First, and foremost, there is less than a week to register for World Finals without paying onsite fees.  Registrations without a payment, or, an invalid payment must be corrected before the cutoff time of 11:59 PM, Pacific Standard Time, on September 27.  Once midnight hits, we are only accepting entry fees on site.  Please register now by clicking here:  https://ijsba.com/ijsba-world-finals-entryforms/


2.       IJSBA thanks you for your support.

So, the global economy is a little tough right now.  In the United States it is a Presidential Election Year and this usually spells lower spending and a pause in travel while we wait to see what the future holds.  We know that not everyone can race or vend when things are tough.  We thank those of you who have honored your commitments to the event and have stepped up to make sure things continue to roll on.  Some of you who could not race or display this year have a place when things pick up and we also thank those of you who told us you were still coming to the event to cheer and be supportive.   It takes all of us to make racing successful.


3.       Strong Turnout expected.

Even in the face of a tough economy, we continue to show signs of a strong turnout.  With 42 nations having sent in entries or Visa requests and entries starting to stack in up in all classes, we expect a to put on a good show of racing.  If the numbers continue as they historically do we are going to fill up the Vintage Ski Class.  If we do, in fact, fill up Vintage Ski, we are not going to close it.  We are going to run qualifiers with no LCQ only sudden death eliminations going into a single moto.  We will also do this with Vintage X2.  Everything else should remain as normal.  We will be releasing special instructions for GP Ski and GP Runabout.


4.       OEM participation is intense.

This year has seen a very noticeable upswing in OEM participation.  Not only are the OEM manufacturers building watercraft to suit IJSBA Racing needs, they are really stepping up their support of the racing itself.  There was a time when a factory racing truck was a rarity in PWC Racing and we are going to be happy to show their presence at the World Finals this year.


5.       Eligibility.

Ok, the phone calls are coming in.  If you are a USA citizen, you need to have competed in to two IJSBA Sanctioned events in order to be eligible to enter the World Finals.  We turned away exactly 28 people, last year, who showed up to compete in World Finals without being eligible.  This was an unpleasant experience for all involved.  Hardship exemptions may be granted to competitors who are regular participants in World Finals and who have an extraordinarily compelling reason.  Proof of hardship may be required.  International competitors may need proof of eligibility from the IJSBA Affiliate which matches their passport.  Please contact your affiliate to ensure they are in good standing and that your credentials are in order.


6.       No waiting in line at Havasu Powersports on October 1&2.

Well, this isn’t exactly true.  But, we are going to have one of those “Now serving number XX” ticket systems this year.  So you can grab a ticket and go socialize or shop for PWC accessories.  Please try to be a factor in this working properly.  Get a number, don’t lose it, be on time when it is called, and this might just become a permanent thing.


7.       Reserved Pit Placement and VIP

We are still taking reserved pit placement requests but time is running out.  To reserve a pit space, you must have at least five competitors in your pit and all of the participants must be registered and paid in full.  In addition, all but one participant must exchange their pit parking pass for an upper parking pass.  Additional put parking passes may be purchased but these pit parking passes will not allow the vehicle to bring in large trailers- small open trailers only.  Please email info@ijsba.com if you have any questions about these policies.



8.       Vendors.

There are a couple of vendor spaces remaining.  We have been making some adjustments to the vendor area due to the fact that there are some improvements being made to the Crazy Horse grounds.  There will be some conduit running a few feet from the vendor fencing and we may need to stagger the trailers for those who try to slip a trailer behind their booth.  Please email info@ijsba.com if you have any vending questions.


9.       Night Show.

The night show is sure to be awesome, this year, with great competitors, product demonstrations and a ramp jump.  You don’t want to miss this one.


IJSBA offices will close at 10:00 AM on Monday, September 26 as we head out to Lake Havasu City.  Please contact IJSBA if you have any questions or requests before then.