image001Greetings to the PWC Racing Community. We are just at the two week mark before the gates open to the 2015 quakysense World Finals. This update is short and sweet. Please share the following items with your friends and colleagues in the sport:

  1. IJSBA Office Is Closed. The IJSBA office is closed. The IJSBA office number will be forwarded to the Executive Director’s Cell Phone (it has an IJSBA logo and flashes red and everything) starting tomorrow. Ria is on her honeymoon and the office is packed up in boxes on the way to Havasu. We will do our best to accommodate last minute requests, please be patient with us. Vendors are on a waiting list we may or may not be able to squeeze in another 10x10 or so but it is full. Everything is at the printer so no logos or anything can be added to the poster. If you did not qualify for World Finals this year, it is unlikely we will make an exception. These are the two most common questions we are getting hit with right now, but, if you have a different question, please email If you really need to call, you can call +1-714-751-8695. Currently, we are receiving in the neighborhood of 200 emails daily and are on the phone a good six hours per day solid. So, please be patient and we thank for it.


  1. Registration Closes Tomorrow Night. Tomorrow night at 11:59 PM, PST, preregistration closes. You can still register on site but there are on site fees. Also, if you have already preregistered but have not paid, you need to pay before midnight tomorrow to avoid on site fees. I know, it sucks, but it is the way it is when we have to pay staff to be there. You have another day to avoid these costs and we are all for you saving money by registering in advance.


  1. On site registration opens at Noon on Saturday, October 3 for prepaid registrations only. If you have not paid or not registered at all, you cannot join the line until 1:30 (saving money isn’t the only benefit to preregistering). Registration takes place on October 3 and October 5 at Havasu Powersports at 1040 N. Lake Havasu Ave.


  1. Mandatory Riders Meeting and Free Spaghetti Dinner 7:00 PM on October 4.   The riders’ meeting is mandatory for all classes that run before Wednesday, October 7. You can also get a free dinner. Please attend and be informed in addition to being well fed.


  1. The staff are bringing their A Game and we are all having internal discussions about how to approach this event with a fresh and positive attitude for what ends up being the most stressful and demanding PWC event in the world. We aren’t going to deliver you a quality world finals with bad attitudes, disrespect, or inattentiveness to your needs. Likewise, conflict, tantrums, and disrespectful attitudes towards the event and the organization isn’t going to grow the sport nor is it going to be very helpful in in producing an outcome favorable to anyone. Keep it in mind to create the kind of environment you want to have for PWC Racing.

Ok another update will arrive just before we open the gate. This World Finals looks really good. We are excited to see all of you soon.

Email for any questions.