Solas is the world's powerhouse in the manufacturing of PWC impellers.  They surely give back to racing community  who  use  their products.

They regularly are present at the trade show portion of the World Finals and continue to support the event even when travel restrictions make find them unable to attend.

The Mid Autumn Moon Festival has been celebrated, in Asia, since the 1600s as a way of welcoming the fall harvest with mooncakes.  Mooncakes are small treats which are meant to represent the shape of the moon and to symbolize gathering and reunion.  We cant think of a more appropriate thing to have at World Finals.

The Moon Festival commemoration day is October 1, this year.  Please join IJSBA as we host tea and mooncakes at sunset on October 1.  We will post location on the home page that day.
Thanks, again to Solas, and to all of you for being part of the IJSBA family.