Lake Havasu City received some rain this past week.  Since Blake Corning couldn't unload the trailer in that kind of weather, we sent him out hunting around Crazy Horse Campgrounds for recycling items that he could cash in.  Blake found enough discarded energy drink cans to get enough money to repair the ramp jump.  So, after many years of trying to get it done, the ramp jump is back.

Select competitors may petition to enter the ramp jump contest.  You must be a proficient and experienced Ski rider.  Plan to sign a waiver as thick as a phone book, too.  But, fame and glory surely await those select few who make the cut.  We might even have a trophy for the most spectacular ramp jumper.  The ramp jump contest will take place during the Blowsion Expression Session, on Saturday evening, October 8th, under the London Bridge.   If this ends up not being a total disaster we might run it again in Sunday between Endurance Sprint heats or something like that.

We hope the PWC community enjoys the return of the ramp jump.  By the way, Blake didn't really cash in recycling to pay for the repairs.  IJSBA paid for it.  So, we will be looking for ramp jump sponsors.  If you are interested in sponsoring the ramp jump, please email info@ijsba.com.