IJSBA has been contacted by the United States Coast Guard and they have brought to our attention that several agencies are prioritizing protection of water fowl in all Arizona waterways.  It is the policy of IJSBA to cooperate with all government agencies in the furtherance of measures to protect the environment.  Personal Watercraft Competitors are known for their appreciation of competition venues and we are proud of our good stewardship in the places where we compete.

IJSBA will be introducing measures to keep waterfowl out of the competition area of the 2015 quakysesne World Finals.  These measures will include increased awareness among the course marshals and patrol boats.  We will also be briefing competitors on how to spot and identify waterfowl and ways to avoid contact.

Working together with agencies helps provide for the future of riding areas and for harmonious and successful competition events.

If there are any questions regarding this press release, please email info@ijsba.com.