IJSBA has received an outpouring of support from competitors and their teams offering to assist in getting World Finals up and running after the wind storm caused significant damage to the venue.  The staff is putting the event back together as of right now.  We may take you up on some offers to help lift things, put things into place, and secure the race site.  Thank you for the willingness.  If we can ask one thing, it is to be mindful that the vendors, especially the food stands, were impacted by the wind warnings before they hit and, now, have lost an entire day of income.  Many of the food concessionaires do the work at very low profit margins, doing it as much for the travel, being part of exciting events, and making new friends around the world.  If you have the opportunity to schedule one of your meals with an on site provider, please do so.  All vendors are part of the life blood of the event.  They provide on site resources and help pay for the overall cost of producing World Finals.  Thanks so much to all of you for the support and well wishes and we hope to have you out on the water in a couple of hours.