IJSBA is pleased to announce the return of Wirefree Communications as the onsite internet provider of the 2021 Jettrim GP-1 World Finals.  WireFree’s continues to bring “best–in-class” internet access to our event and we are excited to announce that WireFree’s “hybrid packet radio / fiber optic network” will be supporting the IJSBA World Finals this year.  Whether you're working with bandwidth-intensive files or accessing data in the cloud, a reliable Internet connection is essential to maximizing productivity and efficiency in today's connected business world.  The WireFree “hybrid packet radio / fiber optic network” provides fast and reliable Internet Service in Lake Havasu City and through their advanced IP application solutions can effectively help grow your business.  For a decade, the IJSBA World Finals has depended on WireFree to bring sustainable internet down to the Crazy Horse Campgrounds for vendor support, event operations and live streaming.