Today, March 3, 2017 is International Women's Day.  IJSBA would like to give thanks and acknowledgment to those who have contributed to building this sport.  The success of IJSBA can very much be traced to the skills, sportsmanship, administrative excellence, and strong leadership in our history of more than four decades.

  We, of course, cant name everyone but we wanted to give a special shout out and acknowledge the contributions of Tera Laho, Karine Pautrel, Christy Carlson, Kelly Lezay, Melissa Ellison, Karen Baron, Lisa Barsby, Michelle Petro, Amy Green, Ria Gomes, Dianne Tingle, Vicky Koda, Emi Kanamori, Kylie Ellmers, Jan Plessner, Shawn Alladio, Eva Cerreta, Esq., Kelly Hart, Michelle Stewart, Dianne Stewart, Allia Jones, Janelle Bar, Dragana Tutorovic, Nancy Pratt, Kazu Nokano, and Fon.   We could write for hours and will pick up where this list left off next year.  In the meantime, we ask the PWC Racing Community to spend a moment reflecting on how lucky we are to have had contributions from these individuals.