IJSBA's Technical Assistant, Robert Sand, will be the Tech Inspector for the 2016 Hot Products Mark Hahn 300 presented by Yamaha.  Robert has sent the message, below, to ask the cooperation of all competitors to make the safety and post race inspections to be as efficient as possible:



Hello All! I'm very pleased to be back for my second year as Technical Director for the Hot Products IJSBA Mark Hahn memorial 300!!   We would like the safety inspection process to go as smoothly as possible and for everyone to be inspected quickly and efficiently so that waiting times are reduced.

PLEASE READ the following:

To All competitors, Mechanics and Pit Crew. After you go through Check in at Registration you will come to tech inspection which will be outside the front of Havasu Motorsports. To keep the streets in front open I will inspect in the parking lot and come to you. I'll start at one end and just get through you all. In order to make the inspection go quick and minimize overflow, You MUST HAVE all equipment with you at the time of the inspection. That means everything period. If your not ready I will move on to the next group. My goal is that every craft is carrying the proper safety equipment. Thank you and good luck to everyone!

Select classes will be required to report to impound at the conclusion of the race.  We will give directions for this at the riders meeting.