Greetings from IJSBA headquarters.  Today marks the longest day of the year (daylight wise).  It also falls on a Saturday which, by no coincidence, is going to be a long day filled with PWC Racing.  There are several events going on all through the world this weekend and Ultras, Sparks, FZ’s, SuperJets, and several vintage watercraft will be spraying fresh and salt water on buoys in numerous global time zones.  Back in Half Moon Bay, midnight oil will be burned as we start to roll out the first press releases for the upcoming 2014 Jettribe World Finals.  We will be starting our push next week to lock everything down and getting flyers and mail drops out early.  We plan for the Jettribe World Finals to spearhead an entire new direction for the organization in 2015 which will build upon our consistent growth over the last few years.  We continued to be excited about the revivals and interests in personal watercraft racing.

Normally we close the opening of a summer update about all of the good things about summer such as heirloom tomatoes, long days of sunshine, bbqing with friends, and, most importantly, lots of PWC racing and riding.  We only get so many summers in our lifetime, enjoy them with your loved ones and make the most of them by spending a lot of it on your watercraft.  Please share the following news and information with your friends and colleagues in the sport:

  1.  Hall of Fame

IJSBA is proud to release the inductees for the 2014 IJSBA Hall of Fame.  These inductees were based 100% upon the public’s nominations and these names were the top four names received for the 2014 induction ceremony:

- Bob Phares:  Manager of the first Jet-Ski Race Team and a founding father of the sport.
- Blake Corning:  Competitor, promoter, race director, and, all around, one of the hardest working people in the sport.
- Rob Flores:  World Champion, National Champion, and titles going back to the near beginning.  Flores has been a well-respected factory racer and continues to be one of the most recognized names in the sport.
- Roger Hubbard: Owner of Mariner and industry pioneer.

The 2014 Hall of Fame ceremony will take place in the convention center at the London Bridge Resort approximately 30 minutes after the end of the under Saturday Night Freestyle Show Under The London Bridge ends on October 11 (approximately 8:00PM).

  1. Yamaha Ribbon

IJSBA received several tech inquiries into the mesh ribbon component on Yamaha Four stroke Watercraft.  The question has been whether the ribbon is part of the spark arrestor system or part of the emission system.  This subject has been thoroughly researched by IJSBA under the supervision of the IJSBA Technical Director.  We have now reached a resolution on the question and find the part, in question, to be part of the flame arrestor system and eligible for removal under Stock Class Rules.

The current Yamaha 1.8L engine  parts catalogs, & Service Guides refer to the flame arrestor as the “ribbon”.  However, this part has previously been referenced as a  “flame arrestor (ribbon)” on page 8 in the 2005 VX110 Service Guide (YMC PN# 90894-64630-73) created by YMC when the VX1100 came out.  The location and function of the ribbon on 1.8L engines is the same as any VX; it is strictly there as a flame arrestor per USCG regulations.

IJSBA further finds that the term “emissions” is also used as a general description on flame arrestors to describe the output of a potential flame or spark when used in flame and spark arrestors.  The description of this part as an “emissions ribbon” refers to the spark/flame sort of emissions rather than having any catalytic function in the changing of pollutant emissions.

The following diagram below supports this finding:




IJSBA further finds that the sensor in this area of the intake system is not an air-flow sensor that measures the oxygen content.   Rather, it is an air pressure sensor.  Therefore, the provisions in the IJSBA Rule Book are satisfied so long as an appropriate flame arrestor is still used on a competition watercraft that has this ribbon removed.  For any questions on this ruling, please contact the IJSBA Technical Director by emailing

  1. 2014 Jettribe World Finals Already Showing Strong Vendor Turnout.

We are not even into July and the vendors are signing up at a record pace.  This is our confirmed list so far:

Jettribe (of course)
Havasu Powersports
Burn Industries
Jet Renu
Bullett Racing
Flip Flop Shop
Jet Pilot
Kommander Industries
SB Products
Cold Fusion
Rick Roy Products
Parker Yamaha
Thrust Innovations
Jet Connection
M&M Marine
ProRider Magazine
Rad Dudes
Hydro Turf
Jet Lift

This is just a partial list of those vendors and exhibitors who will be attending.  IJSBA expects a sellout year for all space.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interesting in selling your product or displaying your services at the 2014 Jettribe World Finals.

  1. Leaded Fuel Prohibited

This is a reminder that leaded fuel is strictly prohibited at all IJSBA Sanctioned events.  IJSBA reserves the right to test for lead at any time.  Persons found using leaded fuel will be disqualified.  There are no fines or other disciplinary actions for using leaded fuel other than disqualification.  VP makes some great unleaded race fuel and they are the official fuel of IJSBA.  Please take this seriously.

  1.  Asia Beach Games Staffing Selections In Progress

2014 is also a year that marks the return of Personal Watercraft Racing to one of the sports at the Asia Beach Games.  IJSBA is currently completing our staffing for this event and we expect to have assembled one of the best groups to implement racing completely free of conflicts of interest.  This will be the third time that Personal Watercraft Racing is part of the Asia Beach Games and the preliminary list of participants indicates it is going to be the biggest turnout yet.  The 2014 Asia Beach Games are held in Phuket, Thailand from November 14-23.  This will take place in between World Finals and Kings Cup in Pattaya Thailand.  Eligible competitors can take advantage of TJSBA’s generous shipping arrangements and get your watercraft from World Finals to Phuket then to Pattaya.  For more information about the 2014 Asia Beach Games, please visit:

That’s it for this update.  Please check your physical mailboxes and email inboxes, closely, over the next month as there will be some exciting World Finals information coming.  If we can answer any questions about this update, World Finals, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us.  IJSBA can be reached 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Thursday by calling +1-714-751-8695.  We can also be reached by email at