Dear quakysense World Finals competitors,

The IJSBA is committed to preserving the safest personal watercraft racing. Your personal safety is our utmost concern. As such, the IJSBA has placed several regulations in the IJSBA Rulebook regarding required safety procedures and equipment. Included in the rule book is Rule 17.3.2:

17.3.2 At all IJSBA- and IJSBA affiliate-sanctioned events, a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) meeting local buoyancy requirements (typically U.S. Coast Guard Type I or Type III) that is in sound condition must be worn by all competitors at all times when on the water. Inflatable-type PFDs are not allowed.

While the event is an international event, it is held on waters regulated by the United States Coast Guard. Therefore, the local requirements as spelled out in Rule 17.3.2 are Coast Guard Type I or Type III vests. We realize that many competitors wish to bring the vests they use at home.

The IJSBA cannot allow any vest for competition that is not specifically marked as Coast Guard Type I or Coast Guard Type III approved. Accompanying literature may be accepted but this cannot be guaranteed. In some cases these vest may be 100% identical to a vest that has marked approval Unfortunately, only marked vests will be allowed. This policy is enforced irrespective of the brand of the vest.

Your cooperation is appreciated. This rule is enforced for the sake of you, your fellow competitors, and our safety marshals.

Scott Frazier
IJSBA Managing Director