IJSBA rarely comments on matters outside of the PWC Racing community nor do we pass on news that is generally centered around pop culture.  However, the recent tragedy of Maddie Spears (daughter of Jamie Spears and niece of Britney Spears) gives us pause to have a reminder of the realities of motorsports.

Maddie Spears was operating a small sized UTV.  Maddie was supervised by her parents and was wearing a seatbelt.  The UTV veered off into a small pond and submerged Maddie.  Maddie could not be immediately retrieved and, as a result, had to be airlifted to a hospital.  Recent news clips report that Maddie is recovering.  IJSBA wishes Maddie as well as all persons injured in an accident the very best wishes for full recoveries.

IJSBA would like to remind all parents and children that accidents can happen, and, in fact, do happen, even under the most ideal and best supervised circumstances.  Those of us who choose to operate any motorized vehicle engage in a level or risk each and every time we are a drive or passenger.  Those of us who choose to share the joy of motorsports with our children must do so knowing that there is always a very real risk that our child could be seriously injured, or even killed, as motorized vehicles generate power, speed, force, velocity, and other characteristics that could bring injury to the operator.  This is the case even when where the vehicles is operated properly.

Competition increases the risk of injury or death by the very nature of an elevated degree of intensity multiplied by numerous persons, in the competition, all engaging in the hazardous activity.  We welcome all responsible competitors who want to experience Personal Watercraft Racing but do not want anyone to participate if they have not actively contemplated the risks that are associated with the sport.