IJSBA is committed to fostering an environment where all competitors, fans, and PWC enthusiasts feel welcome to compete irrespective of their personal backgrounds.  One of the most amazing things about Personal Watercraft Racing is that we have organically created a community where persons from all nations, religions, races, and individual attributes have become a single family in our shared love of the sport.  That this happened, naturally, and not by any policy setting is a true testimony  to the inherent goodwill of mankind and that sharing what you love is one of the best ways to bring peace and harmony.  The IJSBA Racing Community sets the standard on inclusiveness.

  There is zero tolerance for any kind or racism, or any other animosity for that matter, at any IJSBA Sanctioned Events.  IJSBA is a racing organization and not the thought police.  However, we highly suggest that anyone whose private personal feelings might come into conflict with the values of our community should refrain from participating or attending events until such time that your heart and mind can find some alignment with the environment we have created.  IJSBA will use our disciplinary authority, as necessary, to maintain this consistency within our sport.