IJSBA is releasing a statement regarding 2020 Yamaha Watercraft Homologation and the use of such watercraft at the 2019 Thai Airways World Finals.  IJSBA Competition Rules require a model to be fully homologated 90 days prior to the first day of World Finals competition.   Fully homologated models, of the following model year designation, are eligible for competition the day after World Finals has completed.  However, in cases where a new year model is simply an exact duplicate of the previous year model, IJSBA has, in most cases, extended homologation privileges to the next year model so that competitors could send the next model year graphics and colors to Kings Cup, and other events such as the second round of the Endurance World Championships.

Competitors who have purchased 2020 Yamaha models, believing them to an exact duplicate of the 2019 model, have learned that there was an undisclosed pump upgrade in at least some models.  Whether or not these jet pumps are actual performance enhancing products are irrelevant to the legality for 2019 competition.  Newer Yamaha jet pumps that are not exact duplications of jet pumps on previously homologated Yamaha Watercraft may not be used in any Stock Class until after the 2019 World Finals.  However, where a 2020 Yamaha unit is otherwise an exact duplication of a 2019 unit of the same model designation, a competitor may be allowed to use this unit with a 2019 jet pump.  2020 jet pumps may be installed back in the units, after the end of World Finals, for competition use in the remaining 2019 calendar year. 

Please note that IJSBA is not specifically stating that any 2020 watercraft is a perfectly legal replica.  Instead, IJSBA is announcing the parameters which would be acceptable for use in 2019.  If there are in questions or comments in relation to this release, please email info@ijsba.com.