IJSBA is pleased to take a few moments to recognize one of our newest competitors, Leslie Adams.  Leslie turned some heads at the Jettribe Best In The West event in Parker, Arizona.  We reached out to her with some questions and thought that her responses truly highlighted some of the great things about our sport.  Here are five questions with Leslie Adams:

  1. How long have you been enjoying PWC Riding?
    10+ years.
  2. What got you interested in PWC Racing?
    My husband & I were walking around IJSBA World Finals 2014 in Lake Havasu City and I noticed so many racers were adults, not kids. The racing looked challanging and everyone was so impressive, I wanted to be part of it, so I asked my husband if he thought we could do it, he agreed & a 6 months later we had signed up to be members of IJSBA and began to  compete.
  3. What did you think
    It was amazing! I'm hooked.
  4. What are your goals from here?
    It's funny because I was just going to have fun with it but now my competetive side is coming out so I need to tweak my Sea Doo Spark with some new equipment and hopefully make it to Paris, CA to push for more wins and experience. I would love to make an impression on this years IJSBA World Finals, maybe get some sponsorship because I don't plan on quitting any time soon.
  5. Anyone you want to thank?
    Yes, HUGE thanks to Jim @ AZ Jet Ski who is my goto Spark advisor and mechanic,  my husband Owen, for allowing my crazy ideas to come to life, Nannette Sanchez (Bad Betty Squadron) for all the hospitality, Bill Wilson, Ross Wallach and advice and the Mangan's for advice and work on my bike. Everyone in this sport is super amazing and kind and  I couldn't be happier that I get to be a part of it.

Thank you everyone!
Leslie Adams #3 Sea Doo Spark