Pesach Sameach, we wish a Happy Passover to those in our community who are celebrating this evening with family and friends..  This is  short update from IJSBA as we are just wrapping up from the amazing Karujet experience in Guadeloupe.  This is going to be a work heavy week for us at IJSBA as we have a lot of items to plug in.  Please share the following news with friends and colleagues.


  Karujet was incredible.  A couple of rainy weather episodes did not do anything to interfere with everyone having a good time.  More than 60 individual competitors singed up for the event.  Pierre Claret won Amateur,  Thomas Favolini won Atmospheric, and Teddy Pons won Pro Open.  All participants were given a medal from IJSBA.  A full report should appear by tomorrow.  The organizers and IJSBA are already working on new ideas and more opportunities for competitors in 2018.  Stay tuned.


  IJSBA will have limited hours this week as we are cramming to wrap up some important matters while working remotely.  The offices will be closed, completely, on Friday, April 14th in observance of Good Friday.  Immediate needs should be sent by email to  IJSBA offices will be open for regular business hours on Monday, April 17.

2017 Kawasaki SX-R

  We have received enough feedback from events and testing to confirm that IJSBA's goal will be to create more new classes for the SX-R where it is possible rather than attempt to integrate the new unit in existing classes.  This will require elimination of some classes and the duplication of some classes.  The new SX-R is a well received watercraft that is, as offered stock from the manufacturer, more powerful than is anticipated in many of the class designations where it would otherwise go.  We will post the tentative class list for the 2017 World Finals sometime this week.  Speed controls are still planned to be a factor.  We can tell you that Pro Saturday will feature single day GP racing which will not include the SX-R.  Pro Am Ski Stock will run on Pro Saturday.  Pro Sunday will be single day Ski Modified where all ski from GP will be eligible to run against the new SX-R (which must utilize an OEM hull).  Limited Classes will be the few places where older platforms and the newer SX-R compete together frequently.  All Ski Stock categories will now likely be for the new SX-R only with Lites Classes remaining unchanged and only for the Superjet and 800 based SX-R.

Rule Book

  Now that we have the information we need to know.  We will start updating the 2017 Rule Book now.  The Rule Book is largely unchanged from 2016 with mostly just organizational modifications and acknowledgment of the 2017 SX-R's dimensions being grandfathered into the competition program.  We have received requests to reduce the displacement limit, for a normally aspirated four stroke engine in Sport Modified/GP.  Due to this request being firs received in 2017, it cannot be considered for this year's competition program.  Where the Yamaha 1050 engine may utilize forced induction and displacement up to 1100cc, this is likely to be limited to Pro Modified only for 2017.  These should be the only substantive changes. Women Ski riders will compete in Novice or Amateur Lites and in a mixed class at the Pro Am level which includes Limited Rules for the two stroke powered Ski, Stock for all four stroke powered Ski.  The new SX-R will be eligible under Stock Class rules only for Pro Am women's Ski with speed controls not completely ruled out yet.  This should be the short version of changes to the 2017  Rule Book.  If you are really worried about something, please email it to us at but there should be no surprised.  Also, this is a reminder that at World Finals 2017 we will be hosting another Congress of the Rules.

  We will post a Spring Update with more information next week.