Greetings from IJSBA.  Today (or tomorrow, we are finishing this update close to midnight as the United States election results) will mark one month since we closed the doors at the 35th annual quakysense World Finals.  This is not the report we normally issue after World Finals.  We have been completely overloaded with work, issuing reports, and closing out the last of the event business.  This year has taken longer than any year before as we have tried to balance the workload with a heavy amount of calls and emails (some we are behind on- sorry) that have to do with Freestyle, the new Kawasaki SX-R, displacmenet changes, and heavy volumes of requests to host IJSBA events in 2017.  We had a great World Finals and we expect an even greater run of things to come.  Please share the following news with your friends and colleagues in the PWC Racing family.


Next week, Peter DeSmet and IJSBA administrative staff will be in Peru for the INKA Word Jet Raid.  During this time we will be reviewing and synthesizing all of the input we have received and will attempt to make a plan that takes all interests into account.  Drafts will be sent to Mike Rodgers, the IJSBA Tech Director, posted online, and then submitted to IJSBA’s Board of Directors.


Here are things we can tell you are certain at this point:

1.        The plan for updated Ski Stock rules, which were introduced during World Finals, will go into effect in 2017.

2.       Ski Lites will have absolutely zero changes for 2017.

3.       The new Kawasaki SX-R will not be allowed an aftermarket hull allowance in Ski Mod classes for 2017.

4.       The new Yamaha EX will not be introduced into the Rec Lites Class for 2017.

5.       The 1000cc Open Runabout Class will have a displacement increase to 1100cc for PWC with four stroke engines.

6.       Ski Mod Classes with aftermarket hulls commonly associated with triple cylinder two stroke engines will absolutely be protected and we will continue to offer premiere opportunities to compete at World Finals. 


Here are the things going on that are going to need your comments, input, and guidance:

1.       We are receiving equal amount of comments both in favor and against raising the maximum displacement from 950cc to 1100cc for four stroke engines with forced induction in Ski Modified classes.  This would effectively allow the Yamaha TR-1 engine to be used in Ski Mod with a turbo or supercharger. 

2.        If the Ski Mod Displacement is increased to 1100cc, for forced induction engines, boost regulators are being considered to assist with cost and speed controls.

3.       Freestyle is getting a lot of suggestions for how to restructure the future of the entire competition process.  Freestyle competitors, this is yours to shape- we need to hear from you.

4.       More will be announced in the next update but do not hesitate to send in things you believe must be put on the agenda now.


Below is the potential  class list for the 2017 IJSBA World Finals.  Please send in your comments to info@ijsba.com


Pro Classes

Pro Ski Modified

Pro Runabout Open

Pro Freestyle

Pro Am Classes

GP Ski (Requires Slalom And Closed Course Combined)  

GP Runabout  (Requires Slalom And Closed Course Combined)

Runabout Stock

Runabout 1100 Superstock

Ski Stock

Women’s Ski (2017 Stock Class Rules for all Four Strokes, Limited Class Rules For All Two Strokes)

Ski Lites

Runabout Limited

Pro Am Ski Limited (Stock for all Four Strokes)

Runabout Stock

Endurance Runabout Open

Expert Classes

Expert Ski Limited (Stock for all Four Strokes- possible speed control requirements)

Expert Runabout Limited

Expert Runabout Open

Expert Veteran’s Runabout

Amateur Classes

Amateur Freestyle

Amateur Ski Open

Amateur Ski Lites

Amateur Veteran’s Ski (Stock For Four Stroke Limited For Two Stroke)

Amateur Veterans Ski Modified (Last year in this configuration)

Amateur Runabout 1100 Superstock (See Open Class Rules, 800 CC Limit For Two Stroke)

Amateur Runabout 1100 Limited (800 CC Limit For Two Stroke)

Amateur Runabout 1100 Stock (Four Stroke Only)

Runabout Naturally Aspirated Stock

Runabout Naturally Aspirated Limited

Runabout Naturally Open

Amateur Runabout Rec Lites

Novice Classes

Novice Ski Stock (Speed Control Required)

Novice Ski Limited (Speed Control Required For Four Stroke, All Four Strokes TO Stock)

Novice Runabout Stock

Novice Runabout Limited

Novice Women’s Ski Lites

Novice Ski Lites

Junior Classes

Junior Ski 10-12 Stock (Speed Control Required)

Junior Ski 8-12 Lites (Stock Rules 2 Stroke Only)

Junior Ski 13-15 Stock (Last year in this format)

Junior Ski 13-15 Lites

Junior Ski 13-15 Limited (Speed Control Required For Four Stroke, All Four Strokes to Stock)

Other Classes Open To All Skill Levels

Sport GP

Sport Spec (All Skill Level, Pro Ranked Competitors Must Petition To Participate)

Runabout Spec

Classic Ski Two Stroke Limited 

Master’s Ski Open

Master’s Ski Stock (Speed Control Required For Four Stroke Ski)

Vintage Ski (Two Moto’s- Combined Score for Overall)

Vintage X2 (Two Moto’s- Combined Score for Overall)

Women’s Runabout (Limited Class Rules For Two Stoke, Stock Class Rules For Four Stroke Plus Aftermarket Seat Allowance Per Limited Rules)