IJSBA is extremely pleased to announce the shipping of backlogged membership cards.  IJSBA apologizes for any inconveniences caused by delays in the mailing of membership cards.  All cards should be received within two weeks.  All memberships processed now will be fulfilled in our regular promised time.  As a way of making up for the delays, IJSBA will not implement the scheduled increase in membership price in 2019.  Also, everyone who was a member in 2018 and 2019 will not receive a membership fee increase in 2020.

On a personal note from the head office:  The President of your organization has been known to try to save a dollar or two whenever possible.  Honestly, I thought I had saved the company a nice chunk of change when I received great pricing on ordering several years worth of cards.  We started having problems with the cards not printing properly six months ago and believed it was the ink.  After changing the ink didn't solve the problem, we sent the printer in for servicing.  That didn't fix the problem either.  As it turned out, according to our card supplier, is that the laminate on the face of the card has a shelf life of just a couple of years (even in our cool coastal climate in Half Moon Bay).  So, we reordered cards but only a two year supply. These cards seem to print just wonderfully.  Thank you, again, for your patience and please accept my personal apologies for the delay some of you experienced in receiving your card.