IJSBA is seeking to remind competitors about the homologation rules for 2015 model year units that have been unchanged from 2014.

Homologation rules provide that new model year units, that are unchanged from the previous year, are automatically homologated so long as the OEM producer is a current participating member of IJSBA.

Competitors must be aware of two provisions that can affect the PWC’s legality.

  1. While the unit may have the same configuration, the posted weight tolerance may not change until after the World Finals.  Therefore, the weight of 2014 would control for any eligible 2015 unit.  Example:  If a 2015 Yamaha FZR is not changed from 2014, and had been produced in quantities of 500, then that 2015 unit would be eligible to compete in the 2014 World Finals; however, the minimum weight would be based off of the 2014 model unit.  The minimum weight for the 2015 FZR would be the 2014 weight minus 35 pounds(15.88 KG) regardless of the posted or actual weight of the 2015 FZR.
  2. Obligation to be members of IJSBA.  OEM members are obliged to be continuing members of IJSBA for new model units to be homologated.  Therefore, an unchanged 2015 unit, released in 2014, would be eligible for competition at the 2014 World Finals.  However, that unit may not be eligible in 2015 if the OEM member does not renew their IJSBA membership.  This is not a likely circumstance, but, IJSBA wants to make competitors aware of the rules.

When a unit is unchanged, it means that all of the configuration (including parts, layout, design, dimensions, etc.) is identical from 2014.  Posted specifications such as color, weight (must be within the tolerance of the previous year), mph, fuel consumption, etc ., are not subject to being identical.

Please send any questions on this clarification to tech@ijsba.com