IJSBA is providing the competition community with the following notice:  IJSBA intends to introduce no formal rule changes to the Competition Rule Book for the 2022 season.  The rationale behind this intention is largely based on part supply issues and shortages of affordable shipping opportunities for watercraft.  IJSBA has heard from many competitors who have had to air freight their watercraft to Thailand for the Kings Cup and are experiencing backups in freight container availability that leaves competitors with no opportunity to receive their equipment until approximately the time just prior to the 2022 Euro Finals which is also the first round of the 2022 World Series.  Because of this and the anticipated supply restrictions for new PWC and PWC performance parts, IJSBA believes it is best the allow the current watercraft in circulation to be left as-is so they can maintain their competitive quality level into the 2022 season.   Additionally, the last few years have seen the bulk of rule suggestions come after the results of Kings Cup which, for the 2021 season is being held in January 2022 due to restrictions brought on by the pandemic.

Instead of new rule changes, IJSBA proposes integrating clarifications into the existing rule book adding in interpretation rulings and other notes on the practical application of the rules in competition and the limitation of some allowances.  During the pandemic, some affiliates and organizers stayed on the 2019 rules through 2021 while others updated to 2020 rules.  The 2022 season can be used to integrate all affiliates and organizers back on the same year for rules and ensuring that all competitors have the same information and understanding of how the rules are implemented.  This would have 2022 having online workshops and in person meetings at each of the World Series rounds with a final draft plan for 2023 at the Kings Cup.  In essence, this makes 2022 an entire rule planning period as opposed to the traditional short period at the end of the year.

This notice is tentative.  If there is serious objection to maintaining the 2021 rules, IJSBA will reconsider this plan.  Please send all questions, comments, opposition, or support to info@ijsba.com by the end of the calendar year.