IJSBA is providing the competition community the following notice:  IJSBA plans to change the displacement limit of the Amateur Freestyle Division from 900cc to 1200cc to mirror the displacement in the Pro Freestyle division.  This change would become effective January 1, 2023 giving competitors one full year notice.  IJSBA believes the cost of the investment for a personal watercraft prepared for Freestyle competition has reached a point that the price difference between 900cc and 1200cc engine platforms is too negligible to be a cost savings benefit for Amateur competitors.  At the same time, a competitor advancing to the Pro division with a 900cc engine platform is at a disadvantage and is forced to spend considerable money to upgrade to as 1200cc engine.  The one year implementation date is intended to give competitors ample time to prepare for the new rule.   Competitors may still use their 900cc platform engine if they so choose.

Please send any questions of comments regarding this notice to info@ijsba.com.  This update is tentative until January 10, 2022 at which time it will become an actual notice.  Opposition to this notice should be sent immediately.