IJSBA is providing an update to the Rule And Policy Change Suggestion Period for 2023.  IJSBA has received an interesting set of suggestions this year and a significant volume of those suggestions.  Something that is coming to development is the creation of a class between Mod Lites and GP Ski and this is going to require a lot of discussion.  So, to accommodate this, the initial concept is being proposed here:

The suggestions began as an interest in having an aftermarket hull class, similar to Grand Prix Ski but with engine restrictions limited to those found in Stock Class competition.  This is similar to Mod Lites except that a 1500cc displacement would be allowed.  As the discussions developed into the potential for this class, new suggestions were made that the competitor could choose between aftermarket hulls or aftermarket engine modifications.

This looks like what the class is developing:

Option 1:

High volume produced aftermarket hulls with Stock Class legal engines, OEM Pump with aftermarket nozzle and venturi allowed, Aftermarket Prop, OEM ECU with reprograming allowed.

Option 2:

OEM HULL.  Aftermarket pump with aftermarket nozzle and venturi allowed.  Engine modifications proportional to displacement (i.e. 0-1100cc: high compression headwork, aftermarket camshafts, aftermarket valves, etc.; 1101-1500cc: High compression headwork only).


This class would be two tiered: Amateur and Pro Am.  SKI GP would become a single Pro Ski class essentially unchanged.

This is a synthesis of the suggestions that have come in to create this class.  If it is a class you want to see happen then we need to hear from you now please. Please send questions or comments to info@ijsba.com.