IJSBA is announcing the Managing Director's recommendations to the Board of Directors on rule changes to the 2020 Competition Rule Book.  We rarely get this done on time and it looks like this year was no exception.  However, you, in the public like to keep sending in things until the last minute.  Throughout 2020, we hope to all do better and will actively be interviewing rule changes throughout the season and will have workshops at every stop on the IJSBA World Tour.  So, please share the following news with your friends and colleagues in the Personal Watercraft Racing Community.  We hope to have the Board's ratification or ratified changes by Tuesday.


  1.  Shall the IJSBA formally codify a 600cc or 650cc displacement for Vintage Ski?  Recommendation:  IJSBA should increase the allowable displacement to 600cc in Vintage Ski to allow for cylinder repair and replacement pistons.
  2. Shall the IJSBA enact more strict standards for the tow loop requirement?  Recommendation:  IJSBA should require approved tow loops to be installed at major competition events and, further, IJSBA should create a provision for enacting a penalty for a competitor who has a tow loop break while being assisted by a course marshal.  
  3. Shall the IJSBA Allow aftermarket water routing methods in Stock Classes?  IJSBA previously allowed aftermarket water routing in all Stock (and Lites) classes.  Recommendation: IJSBA should allow aftermarket/modified water routing in Stock Classes so long as no additional water supply is added to the routing system.
  4. Shall IJSBA allow adjustable cam timing gears in Stock Classes?  Recommendation: IJSBA should allow adjustable timing gears in Stock Classes so long as timing changes remain allowed in said classes; this allowance will enable competitors to alter timing more easily.
  5. Shall IJSBA allow unrestricted aftermarket fuel tanks in Sport GP and Sport Spec?  Recommendation:  IJSBA should identify and list the only approved aftermarket fuel tanks and require strict adherence to this provision for safety.
  6. Shall IJSBA change Sport GP top deck allowances to mirror Ski Modified/GP?  Recommendation:  IJSBA should adopt a policy allowing aftermarket top decks in Sport GP/Sport Modified Classes which describes that the aftermarket top deck must be "Substantially Similar" to an existing top deck from an OEM Homologated Watercraft.  All top decks must come from an approved manufacturer along with an approved aftermarket hull.  These designs must be submitted to IJSBA prior to use and must be uniformed in construction.  IJSBA will approve the pedigree of the builder along with the materials, manufacturing methods, and quantities.  
  7. Shall IJSBA allow Stock Class SX-R 1500 to bore exit nozzle and/or venture steering nozzle?  Recommendation: IJSBAs should not allow this change to Stock Classes.
  8. Shall IJSBA allow the removal of OEM Mirrors in Runabout Stock Classes including 1100 and Rec Lites?  IJSBA should allow "bolt on"  mirrors and/or glass to be removed from Stock Classes and Lites Classes for safety purposes. 
  9. Shall IJSBA change Rec Lites to allow only plastic type hulls?  Recommendation:  There is not enough data to determine whether this change should be made.  IJSBA should revisit this change in 2021 and continue to allow individual organizers to run unique Spark and EX classes if they so wish.
  10. Shall IJSBA  allow all 1100 Open/GP Runabout PWC to utilize aftermarket hulls?  Recommendation:  Aftermarket hulls in 1100 Open and GP classes should continue to be limited to the Spark and EX models only. 
  11. Shall IJSBA extend sponson length on Kawasaki SX-R 1500 to 40 inches from 36 inches?  Recommendation: IJSBA should extend the sponson length on SX-R 1500 units.
  12. Shall IJSBA change Women's Ski Class to allow GP/Modified Ski or Mod Lites Ski?  Recommendation:  IJSBA should change Women Ski (not Women Ski Lites) to allow Mod Lite class Ski units.
  13. Shall IJSBA require a mandatory 9000 RPM Rev Limiter in Runabout Stock Classes?  Recommendation:  IJSBA should not make this change and continue researching mechanical speed limiting devices such as restrictor plates as speed control methods.  
  14. Shall IJSBA reduce the amount of Runabout allowed on a starting line in Runabout Classes without exception?  Recommendation:  IJSBA should require a minimum track size to deviate from the current allowed amount of Runabouts on the starting line.
  15. Shall IJSBA allow communication devices between rider and shore for Endurance Racing?  Recommendation:  IJSBA should allow communication devices between the rider and the shore in limited circumstances such as when there is a large course especially when a rider may go out of sight from the pit support team.
  16. Shall allow aftermarket trim tabs in Rec Lites?  Recommendation? There is not sufficient data to rule on this change.  IJSBA should research this further and revisit this question in 20201. 
  17. Shall IJSBA allow manual trim devices in Runabout Rec Lites and Stock Classes?  Recommendation:  IJSBA should allow quick nozzle trim levers in Runabout Stock and Runabout Rec Lites so long as there is no weight savings.
  18. Shall IJSBA specifically prohibit texture changes to Sea-Doo Spark watercraft in categories where aftermarket hulls are not allowed.  Recommendation:  IJSBA should allow texture changes only on non planning surfaces of Sea-Doo Spark watercraft?  Exceptions may be made for repairs of non connected areas in 10 square inches with no more than 50 square inches in total repairs allowed per hull.

This completes the list of recommendations that were sent for voting.  IJSBA notifies competitors that the following changes are eligible in 2021:

  1. Removal if aftermarket exhaust manifolds for Kawasaki SX-R 1500.
  2. Increase in displacement to Ski Classes.
  3. Increase in boost allowance in Ski Classes.
  4. A review of any item introduced for change in 2020 that was not passed.

Please send any questions or comments regarding these changes to info@ijsba.com.